How to Say “Are you free _ ?” in Japanese

How do you say “Are you free tonight?” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

Are you free _ ?

_ 空いてる?

 _ aiteru

If you want to ask politely, you can say :

_ 空いてますか?

 _ aitemasuka

When you want to say “Are you free _ ?” in Japanese, put the date or time just before “空いてる?” or “空いてますか?”.

For example, if you want to say “Are you free tonight?”, you can say like this :

  • tonight = 今夜 konya


 konya aiteru

Or politely :


 konya aitemasuka

  • Are you … ? = あなたは … ? anatawa …
  • free = 空いてる aiteru

We do not usually say “あなたは (= you are)” in everyday conversation.


あなたは 空いてる?
Are you free?