How to Say “Do you know _ ?” in Japanese

How do you say “Do you know this song?” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

Do you know _ ?

_ 知ってる?

 _ shitteru

If you want to ask politely, you can say :

_ 知ってますか?

 _ shittemasuka

When you want to say “Do you know _ ?” in Japanese, put the name of the thing, place, or person just before “知ってる” or “知ってますか”.

For example, if you want to say “Do you know this song?”, you can say like this :

  • this = この kono
  • song = 曲 kyoku


 konokyoku shitteru

Or politely :


 konokyoku shittemasuka

  • you = あなたは anatawa
  • know … = … 知ってる shitteru

We do not usually say “あなたは” in everyday conversation.

this song

あなたは 知ってる?
Do you know ?