Family in Japanese

How do you say “family” in Japanese?

Here is a list of family members in Japanese.

family 家族

 家族 kazoku

father お父さん

 お父さん otousan* OR パパ papa

*We pronounce like “otōsan”.

mother お母さん

 お母さん okaasan* OR ママ mama

*We pronounce like “okāsan”.

“パパ (papa)” and “ママ (mama)” sound a bit childish.

brother 兄弟

 兄弟 kyoudai*

*We pronounce like “kyōdai”.

older brother

兄 ani

younger brother

弟 otouto

sister 姉妹

 姉妹 shimai

older sister

姉 ane

younger sister

妹 imouto

grandfather おじいちゃん

 おじいちゃん ojiichan*

*We pronounce like “ojīchan”.

grandmother おばあちゃん

 おばあちゃん obaachan

*We pronounce like “obāchan”.

husband 夫

 夫 otto

wife 妻

 妻 tsuma

son 息子

 息子 musuko

daughter 娘

 娘 musume

uncle おじ

 おじ oji

aunt おば

 おば oba