How to Say “I forgot to get(buy) _ .” in Japanese

How do you say “I forgot to buy toilet paper.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

I forgot to buy _ .

_ 買うの忘れた。

 kauno wasureta

If you want to speak politely, you can say :

_ 買うの忘れました。

 kauno wasuremashita

When you want to say “I forgot to buy _ .” in Japanese, put the thing(s) you forgot just before “買うの忘れた” or “買うの忘れました”.

For example, if you want to say “I forgot to buy toilet paper.”, you can say like this :

  • toilet paper = トイレットペーパー toirettopēpā


 toirettopēpā kauno wasureta

Or politely :


 toirettopēpā kauno wasuremashita

toilet paper

I forgot to buy