How to Say “I walked _ km today.” in Japanese

How do you say “I walked 3 km today.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

I walked _ km today.

今日は _ キロ歩いたよ。

 kyouwa* _ kiro aruitayo

If you want to speak politely, you can say :

今日は _ キロ歩きました。

 kyouwa* _ kiro arukimashita

*We pronounce “kyouwa” like “kyōwa”.

When you want to say “I walked _ km today.”, put the distance you walked just before “キロ kiro”.

“キロ” means “kilometers”.

As a unit of distance, we use kilometers, not miles.

  • 1 kilometer = 0.6214 miles
  • 1km = 1キロ ichikiro OR ikkiro
  • 2km = 2キロ nikiro
  • 3km = 3キロ sankiro
  • 4km = 4キロ yonkiro
  • 5km = 5キロ gokiro
  • 10km = 10キロ jukkiro

For example, if you want to say “I walked 3 km today.”, you can say like this :


 kyouwa sankiro aruitayo

Or politely :


 kyouwa sankiro arukimashita

  • I walked = わたしは歩きました watashiwa arukimashita
  • today = 今日は kyouwa

We do not usually say “わたしは watashiwa (= I)” in everyday conversation.


_ キロ
_ km

わたしは 歩きました
I walked