How to Say “Is there _ around here?” in Japanese

How do you say “Is there a bus stop around here?” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

Is there _ around here?

この辺に _ ありますか?

 konohenni _ arimasuka

When talking to your friend you can say :

この辺に _ ある?

 konohenni _ aru

When you want to say “Is there _ around here?”, put the thing you are looking for just before “ありますか” or “ある”.

For example, if you want to say “Is there a bus stop around here?”, you can say like this :

  • bus stop = バス停 basutei*

*We pronounce like “basutē“.


 konohenni basutei arimasuka

Or casually :


 konohenni basutei aru

  • Is there …? = … ありますか arimasuka
  • around here = この辺に konohenni

around here

a bus stop

Is there?