How to Say “It’s about a _-minute walk.” in Japanese

How do you say “It’s about a 10-minute walk.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

It’s about a _-minute walk.

歩いて _ 分くらい。

 aruite _ fun(pun) kurai

If you want to speak politely, you can say :

歩いて _ 分くらいです。

 aruite _ fun(pun) kuraidesu

When you want to say “It’s about a _-minute walk.”, put the time it takes just before “分 fun(pun)”.

“分” means “minute”.

  • 1-minute = 1分 ippun
  • 5-minute = 5分 gofun
  • 10-minute = 10分 juppun
  • 15-minute = 15分 juugofun
  • 20-minute = 20分 nijuppun
  • 30-minute = 30分 sanjuppun

For example, if you want to say “It’s about a 10-minute walk.”, you can say like this :


 aruite juppun kurai

Or politely :


 aruite juppun kuraidesu

  • about = くらい kurai
  • minute = 分 fun(pun)
  • walk = 歩いて aruite