How to Say “It’s _ degrees (temperature).” in Japanese

How do you say “It’s 30 degrees.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

It’s _ degrees.

今 _ 度(℃)だって。

 ima _ do datte

In Japan, we use Celsius(℃) instead of Fahrenheit(℉).

When you want to say “It’s _ degrees.”, put the temperature just before “度”.

For example, if you want to say “It’s 30 degrees.”, you can say like this :


 ima sanjuu do datte

“今 (ima)” means “now”, “度 (do)” means “degrees”. You can either write “30度” or “30℃”.


30 degrees

If you want to speak politely, you can say :


 ima sanjuu do desu

How to Say “What’s the temperature?” in Japanese