Telling Time in Japanese

How do you say “It’s 5:30.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

It’s (current time).

(current time) 時だよ。

 ji dayo

“時 (ji)” means “o’clock”.

When you want to say “It’s (current time).”, put the time just before “時 (ji)”.

For example, if the current time is “5:00”, you can say like this :


 goji dayo

Or if you want to speak politely :


 goji desu

The Time in Japanese

We always use a 12-hour clock in everyday conversation. We say “午前 (gozen)” for AM, “午後 (gogo)” for PM.

1:00 1時 ichi ji

2:00 2時 ni ji

3:00 3時 san ji

4:00 4時 yo ji

5:00 5時 go ji

6:00 6時 roku ji

7:00 7時 shichi ji

8:00 8時 hachi ji

9:00 9時 ku ji

10:00 10時 juu* ji

11:00 11時 juuichi* ji

12:00 12時 juuni* ji

 *We pronounce “juu” like “jū”.

So how do you say “It’s 5:30.” ?

You can say like this :


 goji han dayo

Or politely :


 goji han desu

“半 (han)” means “a half”.

How to Say “What time is it?” in Japanese