How to Say “We’re almost there.” in Japanese

How do you say “We’re almost there.” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

We’re almost there.


 mousugu* tsukuyo

If you want to speak politely, you can say :


 mousugu* tsukimasu

*We pronounce “mousugu” like “mōsugu”.

  • we are = わたしたちはいるよ watashitachiwa iruyo
  • almost = ほとんど hotondo
  • there = そこに sokoni

The literal translation of “We’re almost there.” is “わたしたちはほとんどそこにいるよ (watashitachiwa hotondo sokoni iruyo)”, but that sounds unnatural. We say “もうすぐ着くよ” in this case.

“もうすぐ mousugu” means “soon” and “着くよ tsukuyo” means “arrive”. So “もうすぐ着くよ” literally means “We will arrive soon.”.