How to Say “Where is / are _ ?” in Japanese

How do you say “Where is the post office?” in Japanese?

Today’s phrase is :

Where is / are _ ?

_ どこ?

 _ doko

If you want to ask politely, you can say :

_ はどこですか?

 _ wa dokodesuka

There is no difference between “is” and “are” in Japanese. That means “where is” and “where are” are the same thing.

When you want to say “Where is / are _ ?” in Japanese, put the thing(s) or place(s) you are looking for just before “どこ” or “はどこですか”.

For example, if you want to say “Where is the post office?”, you can say like this :

  • the post office = 郵便局 yuubinkyoku


 yuubinkyoku doko

Or politely :


 yuubinkyokuwa dokodesuka

the post office

where is